Landlords: Here Are Three Ways To Avoid Discrimination When Finding Tenants

13 June 2017
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According to the Fair Housing Act, it is illegal for landlords to refuse to rent to an individual because of their race or nationality, religious affiliation, disability, sex, or family status. While this does not sound particularly difficult in theory, there are landlords who have no intention of discriminating—but who accidentally employ rental practices that may be seen as discriminatory by the courts. As a landlord, the last thing you want is to be accused of violating the Fair Housing Act by employing discriminatory practices when choosing tenants. Read More 

How Do Workers’ Compensation And Wrongful Death Intersect Under Virginia Law?

25 May 2017
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While workers may occasionally crack jokes about wishing they could harm a coworker or boss, these claims should be taken quite seriously in all workplaces. Indeed, workplace violence accounts for 17 percent of all workplace fatalities (including accidental fatalities), with homicides claiming responsibility for 10 percent of workers killed. However, as one Virginia widower recently learned after his wife was murdered on the job, workplace violence, even violence that results in death, is not subject to litigation under Virginia's wrongful death laws. Read More 

Child Support Agreement Without a Court Order: Is It a Good Idea?

23 May 2017
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If your child's other parent refuses to make child support payments through family court, you may decide to enter a verbal agreement with them instead. Although verbal agreements can work for some parents, they may not always be in the best interests for them or the children involved. Unlike court-ordered child support, a parent may break a verbal agreement without legal repercussions. Here's why you should reconsider making a child support agreement without a court order. Read More 

Filing For Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: 3 Ways To Avoid Having Any Loose Ends And To Complete The Plan With Ease

9 May 2017
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America is suffocating underneath mountains of debt, and the average U.S. household has $134,643 of debt that they need to repay some time in their life. If your finances are simply not in order and you're struggling to make even the minimum payments on each debt, filing for bankruptcy might give you the financial relief you're seeking. If you have some assets under your name and if you have a steady and stable stream of income, you will most likely benefit from filing for bankruptcy under chapter 13. Read More 

When You Should Say No To Worker’s Comp And Focus On A Lawsuit Instead

27 April 2017
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In most cases, if you get hurt at work, worker's compensation should cover the cost of your medical bills and lost wages. Worker's comp also provides coverage for long-term disability if you can't work again and life insurance benefits for your family if you die. As an employee, you get access to worker's compensation, and in exchange, you more or less agree not to sue your employer in the event of an injury. Read More