Who Should You Hold Responsible If You're Involved In A Collision With A Delivery Truck? Find Out

25 October 2022
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Many companies that operate online shops use delivery trucks to distribute items to their clients. The vehicles help them to deliver items to customers in different states easily and less expensively. However, the presence of delivery trucks on the road can increase the possibility of collisions. This is especially so if truckers are under pressure to deliver goods quickly or don't have the necessary qualifications to operate the truck. Some delivery trucks may also develop mechanical problems that lead to collisions. If these issues lead to a crash, you can hold various parties responsible, including the following:

The Trucker

Many collisions involving delivery trucks and passenger vehicles happen because some truckers engage in negligent behaviors. For instance, they may get behind the wheel while impaired or use their phones while driving. Some delivery truck drivers might drive above the recommended speed limit or disregard other traffic rules. These behaviors are unlawful, and the truckers who engage in them need to face justice. Moreover, they should take responsibility for damages if they cause crashes.

Therefore, if you have been involved in a collision caused by a negligent driver, they should take care of your crash-related expenses. However, to facilitate this, you must provide evidence to prove that the trucker was fully responsible for your losses. A legal advisor can help you get the information needed to hold the trucker accountable to help you get your rightful payments.

The Maintenance Company

You can also take legal action against the maintenance firm if a mechanical problem contributed to the crash. However, proving that improper service was the reason the truck caused a collision can be difficult. You may, therefore, consider hiring a trucking accident personal injury lawyer to investigate the crash and gather evidence to prove your case. For example, they can use vehicle maintenance records to prove that the maintenance firm did not inspect the truck and resolve any issues as required.

The Truck Manufacturer

The truck manufacturer may also be responsible for the crash if the vehicle had a manufacturing defect. In such a case, your attorney will get professionals to examine the truck and determine what, if any, defects led to the collision. The experts will then create a report that your legal advisor may use to prove that the manufacturing company was one of the parties at fault.

If you collide with a delivery truck, a prompt investigation is invaluable in helping to build a strong claim against the wrongdoers. Therefore, it is prudent to consider hiring a trucking accident personal injury lawyer to investigate the collision, gather evidence, and file claims against the culprits.

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