Drafting A Will? How Your Lawyer Will Ensure It Is Legally Binding And Effective

6 April 2022
 Categories: Law, Blog

Having a legal document indicating the inheritors of your property is the best way to ensure that your wishes are carried out after you pass away. However, not all wills serve the intended purpose. In fact, a deceased's heirs can still fight for inheritance even in the presence of a will. For instance, a document that disinherits some of your loved ones or fails to meet the legal requirements can trigger future disagreements and court battles. Unfortunately, your family members might only notice the errors in the will after you've passed on. In this case, they will have to go through a lengthy probate process to rectify them. However, you can create a perfect will by working with a will and estate attorney. Here's how they will ensure that your document is effective when it's needed.

Help You Choose the Right Executor

Failing to name the person who will manage your estate when you pass on can create confusion and disagreements in the future. In this case, the probate court has to appoint an executor, and it's likely that the person appointed wouldn't be your best choice. A will and estate lawyer will ensure that you've indicated the person you want to take over the administration of your will after you die. It could be your friend, family member, or professional executor. 

Update the Document When Necessary

The unfolding of events in your life can affect the contents of your will. For example, the birth of another child or grandchild might require you to alter the list of beneficiaries in the previous document. Marriage, divorce, or losing a loved one can invalidate some of your will's contents. Your legal advisor will update your will whenever you encounter an event that affects its contents.

Guide You When Creating the Document

Wills must comply with the law to become legal. Therefore, your will can get invalidated if you make a slight legal mistake when drafting it. An attorney will guide you when preparing the document to ensure that you take the proper legal steps. 

A contentious will can create conflicts and disagreements amongst your family members after your demise. Besides that, they'll incur additional costs in the probate process to rectify the errors. As such, it's important to engage an estate attorney when creating your will. They will help you prepare and amend the document at different times to ensure that it is up to date and complies with the law.