DUIs And Your Children: Consequences When Children Are Involved

9 December 2021
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Getting a DUI charge can have a lasting impact on the rest of your life. If your children were with you in the vehicle at the time of the arrest, you can have even more problems. You can lose your ability to legally drive a car after a DUI, but also deal with additional consequences when your children are present. Here are some issues that you can deal with if you get a DUI while your children are in the car:

Your Children Can Get Hurt

Without considering what can happen to you from a legal standpoint, one of the biggest consequences of driving under the influence with your children present is the potential injuries they could suffer if you get into an accident. Car accidents are prevalent in those who drive under the influence. You could lose your children to possible death in more severe accidents. This is a lifelong consequence that you would have to deal with for the rest of your life.

Your Children Can Be Taken From You

Another scary thought is the fact that your children can be removed from your custody if you have them with you during a DUI incident. After you are arrested for a DUI with your kids in the car, the police will take your children with them. A social worker typically gets involved at that point to make sure the children are safe. Depending on your family dynamic, the social worker may see fit to place your children into the custody of someone else. This could be a family member or foster care. It can be a long, difficult battle to get your children back after this incident and can be traumatic for everyone involved.

You Might Get More Jailtime

There are some states that are extremely harsh when it comes to penalizing parents who get a DUI when children are with them. In many cases, a first-time DUI offense does not always come with time in jail. However, you may live in a state that will charge you harshly for involving your children in your criminal activity and therefore give you a major penalty of time in jail.

You can also be faced with more criminal charges that include child endangerment. This charge can also include time in jail.

Driving under the influence is never a good idea, especially if your children are in your presence. If you get charged with a DUI and you are facing serious consequences, it is crucial that you work with a DUI attorney to help you get the best result possible.  

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