A Guide to Getting Legal Assistance in Your Divorce Case

1 November 2021
 Categories: Law, Blog

A family attorney is the ultimate fixer when you are ready to get a divorce. These attorneys will go through all of the details of your divorce so that you receive reasonable and favorable outcomes. With money, family interests, and your peace of mind all on the line, your choice of family attorney firm is paramount. Read on to learn the guidelines that will steer you in the right direction when you're considering divorce. 

Seek an amicable divorce with your spouse, yet prepare for the worst

Always shoot for a peaceful and cooperative divorce whenever it is at all possible. Cooperative divorces are better for your peace of mind as well as your wallet. Divorces tried in court with multiple issues to work through will cost $23,300, on average. You will pay a fraction of that amount if you and your spouse use mediation sessions to get on the same page. Cooperating on a divorce agreement also turns the temperature down on your emotions, so you both can seek closure and move on. However, there's always the possibility that your divorce can turn volatile. Mentally prepare for both, and hire lawyers that are both battle-tested and practical negotiators. 

Work out the details of any marital property or familial agreements

The meat of your divorce process involves decisions related to money, property, and children. Talk to your lawyer about your rights regarding the marital property and any money that you have in joint bank accounts. Your family attorney will also consider any stock positions, mutual funds, or real estate property that you own. 

Family decisions are vital, particularly if you and your spouse disagree over child custody. Perhaps you need to seek a visitation order to make sure you're getting a fair amount of time with your kids. A family attorney can also help you file a thorough, but expedited separation filing so that you don't have to live under the same roof while planning to divorce. 

Gauge your lawyer's professional opinion about what you're entitled to in the above situations, in addition to your chances of a judge ruling in your favor. Hire a lawyer that offers satisfactory and thoughtful answers to your legal questions. It's common to pay $250 per hour for family law services. Budget for these legal services so you get uninterrupted professional help. 

Use the tips in this article when you're ready to get a divorce. Contact local family attorneys to learn more.