Appealing Denied Insurance Claims

7 May 2021
 Categories: Law, Blog

There are many instances where insurance companies deny disability claims. A disability claim is a crucial source of income, especially for claimants whose disability does not allow them to work. There are many reasons why insurers deny disability claims, including invalid applications. However, a denial is not the end of the process, as you can still appeal for reconsideration. A rejected disability claim can be achieved with the help of an expert lawyer. 

Hire a Disability Claims Lawyer

It is never a bad idea to consult professional help, especially when dealing with such sensitive matters. Often, many eligible disability claims are wrongfully denied. Hiring a disability insurance lawyer can increase your chances of success because the attorney will be committed to safeguarding your claim. Whereas many insurance companies seem to deny all initial claims regardless of the circumstances, a significant portion of appeals is successful. Experienced lawyers understand the disability claims process, increasing the chances of successful appeals. Your lawyer will help you correctly file all necessary documents and handle the court proceedings. Overall, a good lawyer provides some guarantee of a successful appeal, ensuring you receive your justified compensation. 

Obtain and Evaluate Your Insurance Policy

It is essential to stay calm and collected following receiving a denial letter. While panic seems the most obvious intuition, a calm approach is advisable. The letter should reveal the insurer's reasons for denying your disability claims. The letter is crucial, as it contains the dates of appeal; mark and memorize it as you plan on your next step. The next step entails getting a copy of the policy from your employer or insurer, depending on your plan description. The documents are crucial when appealing denied disability claims. Some applicants struggle to obtain their insurance policies, undermining their appeals' outcomes. However, by federal law, the insurance company is obliged to provide them. Hiring a disability insurance attorney is advisable to overcome such obstacles that may hinder a successful appeal. Your lawyer should be aware of the required documents and the legal provisions concerning accessing the policy. 

Gather Supporting Evidence for the Appeal Case

Supporting evidence is crucial to establishing merit in a disability claims appeal. Inadequate evidence entails a primary reason for unsuccessful applications. Your administrative record contains essential details relevant to your claim, including doctor visits, reports, diagnostic images, and medical exam results. Insurers often rely on the identified documents to gauge the credibility of your disability claim. Missing or incomplete information might be detrimental to your claim. On the other hand, applicants who hire disability claims lawyers have increased chances of successful applications because their attorneys are aware of the relevant documents presented as supporting evidence during appeals.