Issues A Military Divorce Attorney Can Help Families Deal With

6 April 2021
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If you're in the military and a divorce is going through, there are a number of challenges that are actually pretty unique compared to standard divorces. If these particular situations happen, a military divorce attorney will be a professional you want to talk to quickly.

Unsure About Which Area to File in

If you currently work in the military, then you may be stationed in a foreign place. These locations may change every couple of years too. When there is constant change like this, you may have no clue which area to file the divorce in.

Instead of just assuming you know the answer and not following the right divorce protocol, you should talk to a military divorce attorney. They know the nature of your operations and how locations may not be set in stone. That won't matter because they'll help you file in the correct area so that this divorce is legitimized and processed accordingly.

Complications with Disability Pay

Disability pay is given to members of the military that are currently disabled. It provides useful compensation to help military personnel and their families recover financially from conditions caused by military-related duties. If you have questions about how this disability pay will be distributed after a divorce, a military divorce attorney can be of assistance.

They can look at your particular benefits and see how they were set up in the beginning. It may be that your former spouse is entitled to a small fraction of these benefits or nothing at all. Finding out for sure is easy when you talk to a divorce attorney that specializes in military law.

Custody Disputes

If you have children, are in the military, and are getting a divorce, then child custody will probably be an issue that you need to have worked out. Your former spouse may try to get complete custody because your military operations may require you to travel.

If you're dealing with this possible scenario, a military divorce attorney is the only professional that will be able to help you out. They know exactly what you're going through and the military laws in place that protect military personnel like yourself from being taken advantage of because of their military duties.

Getting a divorce while serving in the military or as a military veteran can bring up some unique challenges. You want them managed by a military divorce attorney so that you receive the best legal care possible. 

For more information, contact a military divorce lawyer today.