Reckless Driving Can Remain On Your Record

13 July 2020
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Reckless driving is considered a significant moving violation. If you are engaged in reckless driving and you are cited, you may find that yourself struggling to find work afterward. Some employees are not hired for specific positions if they have been charged with reckless driving within the last two years. If you don't want a reckless driving charge on your record, speak to a traffic violation attorney as soon as you're facing one of these charges.

Understanding Reckless Driving

Reckless driving is when you violate traffic laws while showing a wanton disregard for the safety of others. For example, if you drive on the wrong side of the road or travel at a high speed during icy weather conditions, you might face a reckless driving charge. 

If you have been arrested for a DUI, there is also a good chance that you might be arrested for reckless driving. Texting while driving is illegal in many states and can also lead to a reckless driving charge. 

You are not allowed to race other drivers on a public road and doing so can lead to a reckless driving charge. Also, if you attempt to evade the police, you are likely to be charged with reckless driving. 

Violations for Reckless Driving

The violations for reckless driving can vary from state-to-state, so you'll want to make sure to speak with an attorney if you're sure about how these traffic violations can affect your life. For example, reckless driving in Virginia can lead to six points being added to your license. 

Make sure to know the laws when you are driving outside of your state. The points system of one state is usually honored in another state. You may also need to work with an attorney from the state in which you were cited for reckless driving.

Fighting a Reckless Driving Charge

Whether or not a driver is acting in a reckless manner is often considered subjective because there are several factors to take into consideration such as:

  • The time of the day
  • The weather conditions
  • Whether other drivers were nearby
  • Whether the actions were reckless or simply negligence

Each of these facts can be disputed by a competent traffic violation lawyer and you may be able to have your charges reduced or dropped. Then, you won't have to worry about whether a reckless driving charge will impact your ability to secure employment or drive a car.

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