What To Do If You Are Ever In A Bike Accident

21 March 2019
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Cycling around town is a cheap, environmentally friendly way to get around. However, it can also be risky, particularly when you are biking in heavy traffic. As such, you should always be aware of what to do if you ever happen to get into a bike accident. Here's a look:

Call the police

Even if you think you're perfectly fine, always call the police or ask someone else to do so. Having a police report will serve as documentation if you end up needing medical care or having to file a claim against the driver's insurance company.

Obtain the driver's information

The police should take down the driver's information. Make sure they also relay this information to you so that you can call the driver's insurance company. The information you'll need includes the driver's name, insurance company, insurance policy number, address, and phone number. If the police hand you a piece of paper with this information on it, stash it somewhere safe. Take a picture of it with your phone so you can't accidentally lose it.

Go to the hospital

Even if you are certain you are fine, go to the hospital and get checked over for injuries. Some internal injuries do not immediately cause symptoms, especially when you are high on adrenaline due to an accident. Do not worry about the cost of the medical treatment -- it should be paid for by the driver's insurance company. Save all bills, and ask for a copy of your medical records.

Call the insurance company

When you're sure you are safe, call the driver's insurance company to file a claim. They will call the police and get a copy of the accident report, and they'll ask you to submit your receipts for medical care and other costs. 

Contact a lawyer, if needed

If your injuries are minor, easily treated, and don't keep you out of work for more than a day or two, then you can probably just accept the check the insurance company sends you and move on. However, if you need ongoing medical care or your injuries are more severe, you should contact an auto injury attorney before accepting this check. An attorney can either negotiate with the insurance company or sue the insurance company to ensure the amount you're rewarded truly covers your expenses, pain, and suffering.

Getting hit by a car while on a bike is nerve-wracking, but by following the steps above, you can improve the outcome. For more information, contact a local firm like Duluth Injury Lawyers.