Why You Should Switch Doctors During A Workers' Compensation Case

5 August 2018
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When you have suffered an injury at work, and your injuries are paid for through workers' compensation, you will often be required to treat with a doctor that is chosen by the insurance provider. However, this can cause problems for you because there may be a conflict of interest. Some doctors will try to under-report your injuries and they may not treat your injuries as much in order to avoid costing the insurance provider more money. This is part of the reason why the workers' compensation insurance provider wants you to see their doctor in the first place.

Find Out if You Can Switch Doctors

If possible, you should try to switch doctors. In some states, you are allowed to do so immediately. In other states, you may only switch doctors after a period of time has passed. Find out how long you will have to wait. Also, you may only be allowed to switch doctors once depending on the state. In some states, the insurance provider can select your next doctor, or you must choose from a network of approved doctors.

Understand the Role Your Doctor Plays

Your treating doctor is one of the most important parts of your workers' compensation case. He or she will determine how much you must be compensated for your injuries. You not only owe compensation for the medical bill but also lost wages and pain and suffering. Your doctor justifies the time you must spend not working and also provides you with evidence to make a compelling pain and suffering case.

Make sure that the doctor you are working with is willing to listen to you. Also, make sure that your doctor gets you the treatment you need and refers you to a specialist if necessary. Your doctor will evaluate you after he or she believes that you will no longer recover. This is used to determine whether you will have a long-term disability. The conclusion the doctor arrives at will help determine how much you will receive in permanent disability benefits.

Seek Legal Help

When you have suffered an injury and the workers' compensation insurance provider refuses to compensate you for all of your injuries, the best solution is to contact a workers' compensation attorney. He or she will help direct you toward the best series of actions that can help you demonstrate that you were actually injured and deserve compensation for your injuries. 

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