Slip And Fall At A Store? Here's What Your Lawyer Should Do To Help You Win Your Personal Injury Case

2 April 2018
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After slipping and falling in a store due to negligence of some kind, you may be able to win compensation for your pain and suffering by filing a personal injury claim. Here is what your lawyer should do to help you win your personal injury case:

Personally Inspect the Accident Site

Your personal injury lawyer should be able and willing to go to the site of the accident themselves and personally inspect every aspect of the area so they can compile a thorough report that can be used to build your case as it evolves. While you can provide them with the basic insight they need to shape your case, they have the expertise needed to notice all the little things, like whether or not something on a shelf nearby could have distracted you and contributed to your fall. And the store's report will only provide one side of the story, so your lawyer needs to see the accident site in person and verify the claims that have been presented to them.

Thoroughly Review the Video Tapes

Chances are that the store you slipped and fell uses surveillance cameras, so your lawyer would be able to review them to look for visual evidence that can be used to help build your case, and for visual information that can be used to defend you if your case goes to court. Your attorney shouldn't rely on police reports or transcriptions of the videos, they should take the time to request the videos through the legal system, even if it means waiting an extra week or two before you can move on to the next step in the personal injury claims process.

Take Time to Interview Witnesses

Another task that your lawyer shouldn't pawn off on an assistant or rely on the police to do is interview witnesses that were present when you were injured. Your lawyer can get a list of employees who were on duty at the time of the accident, and the videos can be used to identify bystanders who happened to be shopping nearby when you were hurt. With the lists of employees and shoppers compiled, your attorney should spend some time personally talking to each person on the list so they can compile an in-depth and precise case that is solid enough to help you win the settlement you deserve.

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