2 Reasons To Hire An Employment Lawyer

2 June 2017
 Categories: Law, Blog

One of the most useful resources at your disposal when trying to protect your job or deal with legal issues involving your employer is a labor lawyer, mostly because of the various ways in which he or she can assist you. Listed below are two reasons to hire an employment lawyer:

Protect Your Job

One of the most important reasons to hire an employment lawyer is in order to protect your job. For example, if you are ever accused of sexual harassment in the workplace, it may not be a good idea to simply let your personnel or human resources department deal with it as that may end with you losing your job even if you are not guilty of sexual harassment. However, getting a lawyer like Peter Law Group1 involved can help prevent your employer from firing you for a sexual harassment claim without enough actual proof that you actually harassed someone.

A lawyer can also protect you if you feel that you are working in a hostile workplace, either because your supervisor or coworkers have something personal against you or if you feel that you are being discriminated against. In many cases, simply saying that you have a lawyer and have that lawyer contact the workplace can help those issues clear up and prevent you from losing your job. In the event that you do end up losing a job, the lawyer can help you file a lawsuit due to being wrongfully terminated.

Negotiate A Severance Package

Another reason to hire an employment lawyer is the fact that can help you negotiate a severance package. In many cases, the severance package is not set in stone and your lawyer may be able to look through the severance package and find ways to increase the amount of money that you are owed based on your contributions to the company.

In addition, the lawyer can also look at the severance package and see if there are any clauses or language in that severance package that may end up causing you to forfeit money that you are owed. For example, a severance package agreement could actually contain language that says that the severance amount being offered is all that you are going to get, which means that any other money that you are owed, such as unused vacation time will be forfeited if you agree to the severance package. In that situation, the lawyer can have that language removed and make sure that you get all of the money that you are owed when you leave the company.

Make an appointment with a local employment lawyer today in order to discuss how he or she may be able to assist you with your case. An employment lawyer can help you protect your job and negotiate a severance package.