Time To Contact Family Court? What To Know

4 June 2020
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It can be extremely difficult when you suspect that an innocent child may be in danger. While overseeing the care of a child is supposed to the responsibility of a parent, sometimes it can be up to a third party to take action. Read on to find out what to do if you think a child needs the protection of the court system. When to Act Concerned friends, coworkers, and others are all responsible for taking action when they observe something wrong with a parent-and-child situation. Read More 

Topics to Include in Your Custody Agreement Parenting Plan

21 April 2020
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When it comes to divorce, many families create a legally-binding custody and parenting plan for the children. The more thorough the plan, the less likely that there will be issues down the road. If you need to create a parenting plan, the following are some of the important aspects that your plan should include. School and Activities Decisions about schools and daycare need to be made right away. For example, who will be covering the costs of school, extracurricular activities, tuition to private schools, or daycare? Read More 

Is It Possible To Sue A Nurse For Malpractice?

13 March 2020
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When you think of medical malpractice, you might envision a doctor making a bad diagnosis or a surgeon making a bad mistake in the operating room. Your nurse isn't usually someone you would think of when it comes to things like this, but nurses absolutely can make mistakes to and that mistake could be considered malpractice in certain circumstances. If you are wondering if a recent incident meets this criteria, here are some possible scenarios that might count as malpractice. Read More 

Services a Corporate Lawyer Can Provide Your Business

21 February 2020
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The legal obligations and liabilities that will come with owning and managing a business can be intimidating. Yet, addressing and effectively meeting these needs will not be as cumbersome and confusing as you may expect if you utilize the services of a corporate lawyer to help with some of the more common legal matters an enterprise will encounter. Assist In The Legal Formation Of The Company One of the first legal needs that your company will encounter will be its formation. Read More