How Do Workers’ Compensation And Wrongful Death Intersect Under Virginia Law?

25 May 2017
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While workers may occasionally crack jokes about wishing they could harm a coworker or boss, these claims should be taken quite seriously in all workplaces. Indeed, workplace violence accounts for 17 percent of all workplace fatalities (including accidental fatalities), with homicides claiming responsibility for 10 percent of workers killed. However, as one Virginia widower recently learned after his wife was murdered on the job, workplace violence, even violence that results in death, is not subject to litigation under Virginia's wrongful death laws. Read More 

Child Support Agreement Without a Court Order: Is It a Good Idea?

23 May 2017
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If your child's other parent refuses to make child support payments through family court, you may decide to enter a verbal agreement with them instead. Although verbal agreements can work for some parents, they may not always be in the best interests for them or the children involved. Unlike court-ordered child support, a parent may break a verbal agreement without legal repercussions. Here's why you should reconsider making a child support agreement without a court order. Read More 

Little-Known Issues That Can Trip Up A Self-Bailout Attempt

19 May 2017
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If you're facing arrest and want to arrange for bail as soon as possible, you may think that it's better to be able to take care of it yourself instead of having a friend or family member get you a bail bond. Many jails are now accepting credit cards, and some will allow officers to bring you to an ATM to get cash if that's the only way to get the money (bail isn't always super high and often can be charged on the average credit card). Read More 

Reasons To Hire A Divorce Lawyer

17 May 2017
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Going through a divorce can be a very frustrating and emotionally draining experience. There are so many different aspects of a divorce that can be difficult. While you are going through the divorce, you are going to need a little bit of help. For the most part, spouses are fine with paying their fair share in alimony or child support, but most people just do not want to be taken advantage of. Read More 

Charged With DUI: The Importance Of Getting An Attorney

15 May 2017
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When you have been stopped while driving under the influence and arraigned on charges, it's important to get legal help. If this isn't your first charge, your consequences may be more severe than the first time you were charged. The punishments for driving under the influence get worse for every subsequent offense, and an attorney will be able to talk with you about the circumstances that led to your arraignment. If you cooperated with the official that stopped you, your attorney may be able to get your charges reduced or dismissed if your field sobriety tests showed minimal to no impairment. Read More