What To Do When You Think Your Marriage Is Failing

19 October 2016
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Marriage is not an easy experience for everyone. When you start to believe your marriage is failing, it can be an upsetting blow to your life that is extremely difficult to recover from. This is especially true if you anticipate a messy divorce with your spouse. That's why it's vital that you are thinking clearly and handle the end of your marriage by doing some of the following things. Look for Relationship Guidance Read More 

Preparing For The SSA Hearing: Learn Why The Wrong Answer Can Sink Your Case

5 August 2016
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The best way to prepare for your SSA Hearing with the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) is to talk to your attorney about the questions you can expect the judge to ask and what you should say in response. It's also important to understand what you shouldn't say in response to the ALJ's questions. A remark that seems innocent enough to you could have devastating consequences to your case because of what it implies to the judge. Read More