Why You Might Want To Pursue A Class Action Lawsuit Instead Of Going It Alone

26 May 2021
 Categories: Law, Blog

Were you injured or otherwise wronged by a large entity like a corporation or some other type of business? If you are considering suing the company over what happened, stop and consider that a large company likely has more resources than you do and might be willing to battle it out if they feel they can use their size to bully you around. But what if you know that others have suffered the same consequences as you did because of this company's faults? You might be in a situation where hiring a class action lawyer and filing a class action lawsuit would make sense. A class action occurs when a group of people, sometimes a small number and sometimes numbering into the millions, file suit against someone over a particular grievance. Here's why going with a class action lawsuit might be the right choice for you.

A Class Action Lawsuit Can Make a Large Company Suffer Greater Consequences for What Happened to You

Is the company you are upset with worth millions or billions of dollars? Chances are it won't cost them much to pay you off and make you go away. You are just one customer out of thousands or millions to them, and regardless of what happens in your lawsuit, it might not be enough to make the company change its future behavior.

A class action lawsuit will get a company's full attention. Demonstrating that the company's behavior or actions negatively affected a large group of people could lead to greater fallout or greater consequences for the company being sued. If you don't just want to get paid but also want to make a point that what the company did was wrong, a class action may be the way to go.

A Class Action Lawsuit May Have a Greater Chance of a Settlement Because the Company Doesn't Want the Bad Press

If you file suit as an individual, the company in question might think they can just send a few lawyers after you and squash the suit. They'll drag it out all the way to the courtroom if they feel that you don't have the funds to continue litigating. But when it's a class action suit, your chances of getting at least some kind of payout may increase. This is because the company likely wants to get the news out of the lawsuit out of the press as quickly as possible and avoid litigation where they have to face accusations from a large number of people.

A Class Action May Allow You to Spread Legal Costs Across Multiple Plaintiffs

Finally, consider that filing any kind of lawsuit is expensive. But if you file as a group, you may be able to spread out the legal costs across multiple people. Even if you hope you can get the defendant to cover all legal costs in the end, this can help while the case is still going on.

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