How To Know If Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Is Right For You

13 June 2022
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If you have started to consider the option of filing for bankruptcy, you need to first consider if chapter 13 is actually the best option for you. While you might want to be rid of all of your debt, your personal and financial situation might not warrant a chapter 7. With chapter 13, you are basically getting a court-ordered payment plan that your creditors are forced to follow. Is this a good solution for you? Read More 

3 Things To Check When You Are Looking For A Disability Attorney

12 May 2022
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When you apply for Social Security Disability, you don't have to have an attorney, but it will definitely help to have one. You can get an attorney from the very start of the application process, or you can get one to help you with an appeal if your application has been denied. Be aware that these lawyers generally work on contingency, which means that they will get part of any settlement that you get when your application is approved. Read More 

Drafting A Will? How Your Lawyer Will Ensure It Is Legally Binding And Effective

6 April 2022
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Having a legal document indicating the inheritors of your property is the best way to ensure that your wishes are carried out after you pass away. However, not all wills serve the intended purpose. In fact, a deceased's heirs can still fight for inheritance even in the presence of a will. For instance, a document that disinherits some of your loved ones or fails to meet the legal requirements can trigger future disagreements and court battles. Read More 

Your Financial Responsibilities With Step-Parent Adoption

28 February 2022
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Step-parent adoption can be a complex situation. If another parent is involved, no matter how active, you may have additional steps you need to complete. Adoption can be a great way to build your family, but it may take some legal expertise to make sure everything works. If you are thinking about adopting your spouse's child, there are many questions involved. Many of those questions involve financial responsibilities. Here's what you should know before you pursue adoption. Read More 

Can A Bicyclist Be At Fault When Doored?

21 January 2022
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Dooring is the act of opening a car door into a passing cyclist, and being doored is a constant fear for anyone riding a bike past a row of parked cars. Drivers who have just opened a door into a cyclist can react one of two ways, either accepting responsibility or trying to pin at least some of the blame onto the cyclist — and whether or not this is valid depends on a lot of details. Read More